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SFI is the World’s Best Retail Affiliate Program

Take that headline in for a minute and think about what it takes to be the best retail affiliate program in the world. It means having more potential than E-bay- and Amazon, Wal-Mart, and any other competitor in the retail category.

SFI Facebook Cover

How can I justify my claim that SFI is the best affiliate program in the world?

Well you also need to look at TripleClicks and its dynamics to understand the power of the SFI opportunity.

SFI, or Strong Future International, began as an affiliate program for Six Figure Income magazine which covered industry news for affiliates, network marketers, and MLM professionals. That was in 1997. Eighteen years later, SFI sells over 80,000 products from nearly 6,000 members, offered by 1.6 million affiliates who have referred 4.8 million members to TripleClicks and counting.

Why is TripleClicks growing so fast?

  • Our online shopping mall puts affiliates directly to work promoting vendors and recruiting sellers globally. Vendors pay a commission only after the sale and the fees are minimal compared to much of the competition.
  • SFI affiliates earn a royalty on all sales by E-Commerce Associates (ECAs) they refer, so hundreds of new merchants are added to the store every month, bringing with them some amazing deals.
  • PriceBenders Penny Auctions adopt the popular Penny auction format where bids are placed in 1 cent increments until only 1 bidder remains. I have seen $600 laptops sell for under $5 in this wildly popular auction format.

Uber Picks from Eager Zebra Games

  • Eager Zebra Games offer a means to earn valuable Member Reward Points, and T-credits which can be used to purchase anything offered on the TripleClicks website by any ECA Vendor. The t-credits can be used for free bids in our auctions or free game play to collect even more MRP.
  • Member Reward Points. I touched briefly on these a moment ago but need to explain that MRP are earned with nearly every action you take or purchase you make using T-Credits on TripleClicks. They add up fast and can be used to buy everything from toothpaste to automobiles sold on the site. No program offers rewards like this in the realm of retail so it’s easy to see why members love the Member Rewards Program.
  • WAVE3. This gem is probably the biggest win for our members and affiliates alike, because you can bring family and banner505friends to TripleClicks using Share and Win links and win matching T-Credits and MRP rewards when they join you in Eager Zebra Games or bid on Price Benders Auctions. This is actually one of the fastest ways to earn free t-credits and a ton of MRP. For affiliates of SFI this program offers added benefits in the fact that all of these referred friends and family will be placed under you as personally referred members and you will earn 45% of the Commission Volume with every purchase they make.

Needless to say you can be proud of the product you are offering and have so many ways to recruit TripleClicks members and Vendors for profits.

Price Benders Penny Auctions at TripleClicks

Yes, SFI is the World’s Best Retail Affiliate Program!

I mentioned a moment ago that you earn 45% of the Commission Volume generated by your SFI referrals, and I mentioned a royalty which is 10% of the Commission Volume of sales by ECAs who you refer, but I haven’t mentioned the ability to earn 15% commissions on Co-Sponsored Affiliates you will receive once you reach the rank of Executive Affiliate in SFI.

In addition, at the rank of Executive Affiliate or EA you begin earning Versa Points (VP) which are awarded on every purchase, every Personally Referred Member or PRM purchase, and simple actions like reading your daily business reports and learning lessons, sending a weekly newsletter to your referrals, etc.

Versa Points qualify you for a share in all the transactions at TripleClicks and amount to 40% of the total commissions paid by ECA to SFI and it’s affiliates.

That’s a very lucrative profit share in the company’s success and puts you in the driver’s seat to start earning good money with affiliate marketing today. The more Versa Points you accumulate, the bigger your share of the pot!

What’s even more enticing than shares of the revenue of the company?

Even more shares! And that is what happens when you earn the 2nd level rank of Bronze Team Leader and qualify for 100% Matching Versa Points on 6-12 levels of downline based on your team leader rank. Some affiliates earn hundreds of thousands of shares in the TripleClicks Executive Bonus Pool because of this, paying them up to 7 figure incomes.

I know that sounded like hype, but it’s not. There are members who have promoted SFI long enough to have tens of thousands of members they profit from every month. Every year SFI pays millions of dollars in affiliate commissions.

And here’s the catch that you are probably looking for…

You are most likely imagining a big price to get started and be a success and while I won’t say you can succeed without investing in the business, I will say that it does not cost you a penny ever to join the program or achieve higher rankings.

SFI is always Free, with no obligation

SFI is free to join and you can obtain your rank by either making a small purchase every month or by generating sales VP through TripleClicks Sales to Personally Referred Members, World's Best Retail Affiliate Programand lastly by directly sponsoring other affiliates who obtain the higher ranks.

SFI provides members with an excellent 30 day training program and a comprehensive Internet Income Course which has helped thousands of affiliates who had the drive and staying power to become VERY SUCCESSFUL.

You can read thousands of testimonials from happy SFI affiliates on the SFI site and around the web, so again this is a program you can trust 100% and it will work if you give it the effort, the time, and the investment required to become profitable.

Yes SFI really is the Best Retail Affiliate Program in the World! And if you join my team, you can win prizes and rewards every month! Click Here To Find Out More about my monthly incentives for my SFI team members!

David Hurley

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4 Responses to World’s Best Retail Affiliate Program Explained

  • I think that your are right about SFI. Even though I have not made any money with SFI yet, it appears to me that I will start to make some money soon.

    I would like wish you a happy holiday season.

    • David Hurley says:

      Hi Ivan,

      Thank you for your comments, and all the best to you this season and for 2016!

      Persistence, and a willingness to learn and to APPLY what you learn to your business are the keys to success with SFI.

  • James Morgan says:

    David i Totally agree but its not getting any easer to keep affiliates involved I have been doing it now for over 3 years and believe me Im struggling .
    James Morgan 11874722

    PS Great website David

    • David Hurley says:

      Hi James,

      Thank you for popping by and posting a comment.

      Being a communicative sponsor, running competitions and reward programs makes a big difference in results.

      I have found that the best thing is to set up a monthly competition and a rewards system, offer a recruiting co-op, communicate via the stream and team mail facilities on the site, and then focus most of your effort on promoting and referring. Most people do not refer enough PSAs in the first place.

      One other tip about your referrals: focus on your action takers, not on the tyre-kickers.

      All the best,


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David Hurley