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What Is A Zubee?

Zubees are fun bonus coins which you can collect and convert into prizes and cash. Zubee coins come in three denominations, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Search for zubees as you discover new business websites, play games, compete in team and individual contests.

Where To Find Zubees

You can find zubees on many business websites such as email safelist services, traffic exchanges. For example, Puffin Mailer offers one Gold Zubee per day when you log in.

Some business bloggers such as myself at HomeBizWeekly also offer free zubee coins as a way to reward our visitors.

Zubee coins add an element of fun to your surfing experience, and are also real rewards that carry a monetary value.

If you are already a Zubeezone member, bookmark this page so you can come and claim your zubees every day! Or create your free zubeezone account and start collecting zubee coins today!


Where to Find Zubee Coins on HomeBizWeekly

You can collect one Silver Zubee Coin per day from any individual blog-post on To locate the zubee, click on the title of any Recent Blog post. Then scroll down the page to claim the Silver Zubee.

You can collect one Gold Zubee Coin per day via a link from a private page. Subscribe to the HomeBizWeekly business newsletter to access the secret page and receive all the latest online business tips in your inbox every week.

Diamond Zubees are available from time to time. Bookmark this page and check back for announcements!


Yes folks, you can find a Diamond Zubee through January 2017 on my post,

Best Online Business Ideas in 2017

Post a constructive comment beneath that article and I will send you a bonus 1,000 Zubees!

(See next section for info about the kind of comments I approve.


Win 500 Gift Zubees For Every Comment!

Post a comment on my blog and include your zubeezone username. Then if I approve your comment, I will send 500 zubees directly to your zubeezone account.

Please note: I do NOT approve junk comments. The easy way to get your comment approved is to RESPOND to the topic of the blog post, and CONTRIBUTE to the conversation. In short, offer something of value in your comment and I will be more than happy to approve it and send you 500 zubees.

I will reward ONE approved comment per person per day.

David Hurley



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